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Welcome to the best carpet and rug cleaning services in the city of Pacific Palisades CA. We provide grade A cleaning services 7 days a week. Call Carpet cleaning Pacific Palisades today at (310) 651-6082

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Tired, dirty and worn-out carpet can ruin the overall look of the room in your home, and looking at it dirty daily can be depressing. Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades has over a decade of carpet cleaning experience and will get rid of the dirt, stains, odors, bacteria, dust mites and other containments hidden within the carpet fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Pacific
1230 Palisades drive
Pacific Palisades CA 90272
(310) 651-6082

Carpet cleaning in Pacific Palisades has been cleaning carpets in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles area for over a decade. Customer complete satisfaction is always our primary concern. If you are not completely satisfied with your carpet cleaning, let us know, and we will go over the area again until you are satisfied.

Carpeting does have dirt, dust mites, bacteria, pollens and other pollutants hiding within the carpet fibers. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Carpet cleaning services Pacific Palisades are reliable, professional while being affordably priced.

Whether you have pet stains, oil, and grime or plenty of dirt that’s been embedded into high-traffic areas, Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades can help. To get started, we will send a member of our carpet cleaning team to your location to evaluate your rug and determine the best course of action for it.

Once you have Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades clean your carpeting, you will be so glad you did. We are the area’s leading carpet cleaning professionals.

Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades

When it’s time to have your favorite rug, Oriental rug, your treasured family heirloom rug cleaned, you can’t put it into just anyone’s hands. There are some areas so-called “expert” carpet custodians that unfortunately dip extremely sensitive rugs into large vats of chemical solutions, which is awful. It is because the colors can potentially bleed together and antique fibers can begin to dissolve. This can ultimately be devastating!

Carpet Cleaning Pacific
1230 Palisades drive
Pacific Palisades CA 90272
(310) 651-6082

Together with Carpet Cleaning Pacific, we will evaluate your rug so we can understand the best way to care for it. Our carpet cleaning process involves a series of steps, which also include a thorough search for faded spots, rips or tears.

Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades won’t ever dip your rug into a chemical liquid. Instead, we hand-clean both sides of the carpet in our care.

We clean all types of rugs including:

– Handmade Rugs
– Oriental Rugs
– Persian Rugs
– Afghan Rugs
– Pakistani Rugs
– Wool Rugs
– Egyptian Rugs
– and much more!

Upholstery Cleaning Pacific Palisades

Accidents do happen, and constant furniture usage means it does end up getting worn. Whether a guest spills a glass of wine or juice on an upholstered chair or someone is wearing dirty shoes and gets mud on your furniture, it can be frustrating to clean. Furniture cleaning Pacific Palisades can thoroughly clean your furniture and remove the dirt and stains. Don’t wait for a stain to happen and call us. You wanted to make sure your upholstery is getting cleaned at least once a year to not only remove the dirt, allergens, stains and more from the upholstery but also to help extends its life.

Our expert sofa cleaning in Pacific Palisades cleaners us an assortment of cleaning methods to return fabrics and materials back to their original beauty.

Couch cleaning Pacific Palisades uses the most gentle, effective environmentally-safe cleaning solutions and tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Pacific Palisades

Over time, tile floors, counters, and walls lose their beauty because grout becomes dark and dirty looking, and sometimes it seems like getting it back to normal is not even possible. But it is possible because Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades has the cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment to bring tile and grout back to like new looking again.

Fortunately, Pacific Palisades carpet cleaners tile and grout cleaning professionals can get the job done quickly. We have remarkable commercial-grade eco-friendly cleaning solutions, cleaners, and polishers that can lift dirt and grime that is not easily done with just wiping or mopping.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration in Pacific Palisades

Unfortunately, floods, leaky pipes, and other disasters are unexpected and not something people often think about either. When it does happen, you are instantly thinking about immediate and long-term damage, and your belongings, which include the carpet, rugs, furniture and furnishings and more.

Carpet cleaning company in Pacific Palisades is experienced and experts in flood damage repair and water damage repair services. We are available 24 hours a day to assist your needs!

When your home is water-damaged, you want the industry leading experts to be at your door ready to assist you – Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades.

Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades will be the best decision you have ever made when it comes to cleaning your home!

Carpet Cleaning Pacific
1230 Palisades drive
Pacific Palisades CA 90272
(310) 651-6082

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